During his 30 plus year tenure in the mixed-use real estate development industry, Jim has been recognized for his tenacity, ingenuity, integrity and entrepreneurship. With meticulous attention to detail and an enviable reservoir of diverse skillsets, Jim has been instrumental in, and responsible for, creation and execution of (i) innovative large-scale strategic business opportunities; and (ii) ground-up mixed-use real estate assets that are aesthetically conceived yet functionally efficient and effectively delivered with a keen eye always directed at the bottom-line creating shareholder value.

With a unique history of development innovation and a strong record of accomplishments, Jim has been instrumental in the creation of exceptional business strategies and real estate assets. He has initiated and collaborated in the ground-up development and management of real estate assets in excess of $2 Billion.

Jim’s entrepreneurial nature has led to identification and development of international strategic partnerships and alliances deploying cutting-edge technologies in the advancement of business goals, objectives and shareholder value. As an original thinker, Jim has an innate ability to (i) simplify complex concepts and communicate those concepts to others; always creating a positive atmosphere of inclusion to achieve leadership team consensus; and (ii) overcome obstacles and drive negotiations to fair and successful conclusions. Utilizing his long-term relationships with international intellectual assets and skill-sets, Jim is able to assemble and lead collaborative executive and field-management teams in deploying highly successful visionary business strategies.

Jim holds an active Real Estate Managing Brokers License in British Columbia Canada and Life and Accident Insurance Licenses in the States of Idaho and Washington.

Jim was born and raised in a rural area just outside of Vancouver Canada and currently resides in the Pacific Northwest.


Jim Alekson

CEO | Strategic Planning

Rick Hill

Strategic Indian Country Advisor

At age 23, Richard G. “Rick” Hill became the youngest-ever Tribal Council member for the Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin, serving his first 3-year term. Following a variety of positions with the Tribe, he was elected in 1983 as Tribal Vice Chairman, a post held by his father from 1966 until his death in 1983. Hill successfully ran for Tribal Chairman in 1990 and held a distinguished 3-year term of office during which time tribal resources and development tripled. He served a total of 13 years in Oneida tribal government, the last of which were as Chairman of the Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin from 2008 to 2011.

Rick currently serves as the Chairman of the Tribal Board of Advisors providing guidance to In 2011, Tribal Financial Advisors, Inc. (TFA), a team of professionals who have collectively raised over $16 billion of capital for Tribes since 1995, founded a Tribal Board of Advisors. The Board is led by Chairman Rick Hill, former Chairman of the Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin and Chairman Emeritus of the National Indian Gaming Association.

The TFA Tribal Board of Advisors is a group of seven qualified leaders of Native American heritage, each with diverse experiences in Indian Country who reflect the honesty, integrity and experience TFA Tribal Clients value and respect. TFA looks to the Board for guidance concerning certain issues unique to Indian Country.

While Chairman of his Tribe, Rick simultaneously served as chairman of the National Indian Gaming Association. Based in Washington DC, the National Indian Gaming Association is a nonprofit organization of 184 Tribes, representing the interests of tribal gaming enterprises. Under Rick's leadership, National Indian Gaming Association became a nationally recognized voice on Indian gaming issues and established regulatory standards and policies for tribal governmental gaming nationwide.

Following his service as National Indian Gaming Association Chairman, Rick consulted with various entities to identify economic development projects and partnerships in Indian Country. He is credited with the development of the first ever off-reservation, tribal consortium hotel investment, commonly referred to as "The Four Fires." Located in Washington DC, the Residence Inn by Marriot is a 13-story, 233 room, 24,000 square foot property. Hill brought together four partner tribes and negotiated a $12 million tribal equity participation in the $42 million hotel project.

Rick has also served on many boards, including the Native American Rights Fund, the Native American Network, the Indigenous Games, as well as serving as Vice Chairman of the Great Lakes Intertribal Council.

The following comments were made at the formation of the Tribal Advisory Board:

"It is an honor to have the opportunity to be part of the TFA team. TFA has established significant credibility in Indian Country," said Rick Hill. "The TFA suite of financial services are a great benefit to our Indian Nations. I look forward to the establishment of the Board."

Kristi Jackson, CEO of Tribal Financial Advisors, commented, "We are thrilled to have Rick join our team and to have him serve as Chairman of our Tribal Board of Advisors. His desire to foster economic development among tribes across the country and, in the process, help tribes achieve financial sovereignty aligns perfectly with TFA's mission."

Rick works out of his office in Oneida, Wisconsin.

Dave Coon

Strategic Indian Country Advisor

Dave is a Member of the Lake Superior Chippewa Tribe of Wisconsin and has familial relationships with multiple Tribes throughout the Great Lakes Region and elsewhere in the United Sates. Dave and Rick Hill are partners in Native American Green Energy a company devoted to advancing cutting-edge energy technologies in Indian Country to help create jobs and diversify Community Economies.

As Founder of Safeharbor Energy Resources, a Milwaukie based company, Dave has been instrumental in the advancement of renewable and sustainable energy technologies across the United States; from Native American Tribes to International Airports, to Eco Projects involving public transportation systems and truck supply-chain networks in South America.

Dave resides with his wife in Wisconsin.

Woodrow Clark | MA3 | PhD

Qualitative Economist

Lee Loveland

Strategic Indian Country Advisor

For well over 30-years, with innate vision, innovation and entrepreneurship, Lee has had the privilege of successfully collaborating with Native American Tribes throughout the contiguous United States and Alaska and the indigenous peoples of Hawaii. During that time, he has gained many long-term and valued friendships and business relationships.

Lee provides visionary direction for the integration and deployment of comprehensive services and disciplines necessary for the identification, structuring and implementation of successful business and real estate development strategies in Indian Country. He is thoroughly committed to assisting Native American Tribes achieve long-term business success through economic diversification.

Lee’s diverse skillsets and discipline competencies, make him uniquely qualified to provide a full range of vertically integrated innovative business and real estate development services focused on the unique needs of Indian Country. From the large, environmentally complex to the distinctively Iconic; the mixed-venues of complex projects are innovatively creative and seamlessly integrated. Lee’s ability to prepare, organize and present easily understandable representations of complex projects and concepts leading to jurisdictional approval, is a skill few, if any, can match.

Lee understands the unique perspectives that must be brought to the planning and structuring of any given business or development project in Indian Country including (i) strategic utilization of cutting-edge technologies; (ii) site selection and analysis; (iii), financial forecasting and analysis; (iv) budgeting, planning and project administration; and (v) timely, cost efficient project execution.

Lee resides with his wife in the Pacific Northwest.

Dr. Clark, a long-time advocate for the environment and renewable energy, is an internationally recognized author, lecturer, public speaker and advisor specializing in sustainable communities. He was one of the contributing scientists to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UNIPCC), which as an organization was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in December 2007.

In early 2004, Dr. Clark founded "Clark Strategic Partners", an environmental and renewable energy consulting firm using his political-economic expertise to guide, advice and implement public and private initiatives worldwide for sustainable smart green communities from colleges and universities to shopping malls, office buildings and film studios.

Dr. Clark has five peer-reviewed books and 50+ articles that concern economics and public policies for global sustainable communities in the “Green Industrial Revolution”. He is starting a series of books on “Sustainable Communities” because they are the key solution to climate change.

Currently, Clark is Academic Specialist, UCLA Provost Office and Cross-Disciplinary Scholars in Science and Technology, and active as the Managing Director for Clark Strategic Partners. He earned three masters’ degrees from different universities in Illinois and his PhD at University of California, Berkeley.

Dr. Clark’s latest book, “The Next Economics”, will be published by Springer Press in November 2012. The “Green Industrial Revolution” will the subject of a book to be published in 2013 (Publisher to be selected).

Clark lives with his wife and their 5 year-old son in Southern California.

Chester is a Member of the Mashpee Wampanoag of Massachusetts. In his role as an active member of his Tribe’s Economic Development Committee, he helps provide perspective and guidance as his Tribe advances its quest to build the first resort casino in the state of Massachusetts.

In addition to his indigenous roots, he is a true renaissance man with a performing and visual arts background in theatre, film and television.

In 1978, he was one of the primary content developers for the award-winning film series, “People of the First Light”, which chronicled and profiled how the existing indigenous population of Southern New England were striving to preserve their Native American culture and distinct identity.

Chester’s Master’s Degree in Theatre eventually opened the door to producing and directing Off-Off Broadway Shows.

Following his live theater days in venues from Boston to New York, he took his business acumen on to a new stage as a commercial real estate broker, mortgage banker and co-founder of Wall Street Equity Brokers. As its Managing Director and Senior Vice President, Chester set a high standard of service excellence. Quantitatively, he oversaw the origination of hundreds of millions of dollars in commercial debt and equity originations both domestically and globally from film finance to major telecommunications infrastructure, energy, recycling, bio-tech and hospitality.

During a tenure as a Vice President & Senior Business Relationship Manager with HSBC Bank USA, he oversaw diverse multi-million dollar portfolios, while specializing in global supply chain originations from Canada to Peru and from Brooklyn to Beijing.

Chester P Soliz

Strategic Indian Country Advisor

Mike Hart

Strategic Energy Technology Advisor

During his 30-year plus tenure in the electrical construction industry, Mike has had the opportunity to be part of every level of trade-experience from field apprentice to field electrician, journeyman, foreman, project manager; eventually becoming the Owner of his own Electrical Contracting Firm. A proponent of “hands-on” management, Mike started his C-10 Contracting Firm from the ground up and grew it to an organization of more than 75 field wiremen.

Mike’s Electrical Contracting Firm provided services to nearly every industry type including public utility infrastructure, manufacturing plants, strip shopping centers, commercial mixed-use developments, retail outlets, mixed-use business parks, restaurants, resort hotels, hospitals, schools, data centers, energy management retrofit and controls, amusement parks and airports.

Over the last 12-years Mike provided his extensive electrical experience to SASCO, the largest privately held union electrical design/build contractor in Los Angeles. During his tenure with SASCO, Mike held positions ranging from Senior Project Manager to Director of Purchasing. As SASCO’s Director of Purchasing, he was responsible for all project price submissions and specialized equipment procurement.

Today, Mike’s passion is energy savings and renewable/sustainable energy technologies. Mike, in addition to being an Advisor to ANAE, provides electrical energy consulting to a wide range of industries and is the representative for several energy saving technologies.

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